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About Us

In our experience the right Scientific Advisor can save lives. They do this by assisting innovative companies in getting their medical technology to the market. Whether it is advising on innovation, discussing strategy or helping to bring funds into the company the right Scientific Advisor can change the trajectory of the company. The problem is company leadership is limited by their network and time to find the right subject matter expert to put on their board. Because the matches are imperfect the results of Scientific Advisory Boards (SAB) are lacking.

Why You Should Join Us

As a Techstars portfolio company we are big believers in the mantra of Give First. With that in mind we have built the community with several ways to engage. You can be passive and enjoy the information shared by ISA and the other community members. You can start or participate in conversations and groups. You can complete the SA Profile form and be found by companies looking for your expertise. If you are looking to add skills, we offer training to capture non-dilutive funding from US agencies.

A Big Thanks

To those in research labs, hospitals and clinics, thank you for using your skills to improve care and outcomes for all of us. We hope this community will give you a place to connect and expand your opportunities.